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Air Source Heat Pumps

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are a tried and tested renewable form of heating your home, capable of meeting 100% of your heating and hot water requirements.

Air Source Heat Pumps work in a similar way to your refrigerator but in reverse. They extract energy from the outside air and convert it into hot water which then heats up your property using either radiators or underfloor heating systems. Air Source Heat Pumps can work in extremely low temperatures – even at -15°C.

Why have a Heat Pump?

Are you off gas-grid? Tired of paying over the odds for your electric heating, coal boiler, LPG or oil? Air Source Heat Pumps provide a viable cost saving alternative (up to 50% less to run) when compared with traditional off-gas heating systems. As a renewable technology you will be eligible for grant funding in the form of the newly released Renewable Heat Incentive. To find out more about the Renewable Heat Incentive click here.

What Air Source Heat Pump should I use?

We deal with all of the leading manufacturers of Air Source Heat Pumps in the UK, for most domestic properties we find that the award winning Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan system provides a cost effective high performance solution. Mitsubishi Electric are leading manufacturers of air conditioning and renewable solutions specifically designed to meet the energy demands of today and beyond. We are a Business Solutions Partners with Mitsubishi Electric in the UK, this allows us to offer an extended 5 year warranty on all of our Ecodan installations.

TSG will however always look at system selection on a project by project basis. We take time to assess each property to find the best solution for you.

Why use TSG?

TSG strives to be at the forefront of new technologies, 8 years ago we installed 20 Solar Thermal systems for a local Council. Since then we have installed over 800 Air Source Heat Pumps in both retrofit and new build properties as well as a large number of Photovoltaic, Ground Source Heat Pump and Biomass installations. We have won several nationally recognised awards from the National Renewables Awards. We were awarded the "Heat Efficient Installer of the Year" and "Air Source Installer of the Year" and are widely recognised as a market leading installer within the renewables sector. TSG have been asked to attend events at the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords for our views on the Renewables sector. .

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