Kitchens and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms where the design and layout need to perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics. The space needs to be practical to use and easy to keep clean, as well as looking good. Bathrooms and kitchens are often the most used rooms in a house, so a good design is essential for happy home owners or tenants. Over 1000 fitted each and every year

TSG surveys, plans, designs and fits over a thousand kitchens and bathrooms every year. We will bring this experience and knowledge to your bathroom or kitchen project. We aim to minimise the disruption and inconvenience caused. We will complete your kitchen or bathroom installation as efficiently as possible, without compromising on our high standards.


Sound Advice

With extensive product knowledge, the TSG team can confidently recommend bathroom and kitchen fittings and features that will enable you to achieve your ideal end result. Our advice can be particularly valuable when you need to make the most of a small interior, or you have specific needs, such as accessibility.

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TSG have been instrumental in helping us to improve our performance on gas servicing. Their tenacious and innovative approach ensures that Bedford Pilgrim Housing Associations remain 99.97% compliant.

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