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  • 12th July 2023

    TSG appointed to £300m, Refurbishment, Construction, New Build and Modular Buildings Framework

    TSG are delighted to announce we have been awarded a place on Fusion21's Refurbishment, Construction, New Build and Modular Buildings Framework, worth up to £305 million over a four-year period.


    Following a competitive tender process, the framework has been developed to support public sector organisations, including housing providers to deliver construction programmes.  


    TSG were successfully awarded place on the Construction and New Build workstream and will be eligible to tender for works in the East of England and London, under two different “value bands.” Band 1, will see awarded projects have a value of up to £5, with band 2 having a value of £5m +. 

  • 10th July 2023

    TSG Awarded Domestic and Heating Commercial Contract

    TSG are delighted to announce we have been awarded a new contract with The Salvation Army (SAHA) for domestic and commercial heating works.  Works and services to be delivered by TSG across this contract include

    ·             Domestic Gas and Non-Gas Appliance Servicing;

    ·             Commercial Plant Room Servicing;

    ·             Domestic and Commercial Heating Repairs, Installation and Replacement Works;

    ·             Pump Servicing and Maintenance;

    TSG will deliver these works to 539 properties and sites across Greater London and the South East.

    SAHA are a registered provided and exempt charity that started developing housing and services in 1959. They are a wholly controlled subsidiary of The Salvation Army, growing into a specialist provider of support and accommodation across England.

  • 4th July 2023

    TSG Awarded Kitchen installation contract with CHP

    TSG are delighted to announce we have been awarded CHP’s, kitchen supply, installation and associated works contract.

    CHP are a locally managed and governed charitable housing association, based in Chelmsford Essex, providing high-quality housing.


    This contract is for the refurbishment of kitchens, diners and associated works.  The works will be delivered over a 4-year period, to 400 properties across Chelmsford and neighbouring areas.

  • 1st May 2023

    Customer Service Champions

    This Quarters Customer Service Champions are:

    Office Staff Winners:

    Janet  -  Karen  -  Sam


    Field Staff Winners:

    Summer   -   Tom   -  Colin


    Well done to all our 6 Champions and we look forward to our next Customer Service Performance reviews.

  • 29th March 2023

    TSG Awarded Boiler Replacement Programme with London Borough of Hillingdon

    We are delighted to announce we have secured a planned boiler replacement programme and associated works for London Borough of Hillingdon. We are delighted to continue our relationship with the council and it demonstrates our capacity to develop long term relationships where continuous contract improvements are vital to the contract’s success.

    This 3 year contract, which can be extended by one year, will see TSG installing between 1,500 to 2,000 new boilers to Hillingdon properties per year.

  • 29th March 2023

    TSG Awarded place on Net Zero Carbon Framework

    TSG are delighted to announce we have been appointed to the prestigious NHMF frameworx for net zero carbon works. The framework will be delivered over a 4-year period, with works to be delivered including but not limited to:

    • Installation of Green Roofs;
    • EWI;
    • IWI;
    • Triple Glazed Windows and External Doors;
    • Installation of “Sedbuk A” rated Gas Boilers;
    • Installation of Air Source Heat Pumps;
    • Installation of Solar Thermal and PV panels;

    Frameworx Director, David Miller comments: “A warm welcome to TSG Building Services plc onto the 2022 Planned Maintenance Net Zero Carbon Works framework who join Frameworx’ engaged and established supply chain and share our passion to deliver better homes and communities. As our tagline ‘connect with the best’ suggests, working with Frameworx gives our social housing partners access to the best choice, experience, value for money and innovation from a UK wide range of pre-qualified contractors, consultants, vehicle provision & building material suppliers. Congratulations!”

    As a business that strives to be at the forefront of new technologies, with accreditations such as TrustMark, MCS, PAS2030/19 along with working to the standards of PAS2035, TSG are delighted to be appointed to this framework and look forward to working with NHMF Frameworx and its members in delivering Net Zero Carbon works.

  • 28th March 2023

    TSG awarded new project with Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association

    TSG are pleased to announce the award of a new project with Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association. 

    This project was for a commercial flue and pump replacements in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. This site is a sheltered scheme consisting of 54 properties housing many vulnerable residents which had to be taken into account and considered as part of the design and build proposals.

    The building was provided with commercial boilers and associated equipment within the main plant room. Due to the age/reliability of the existing equipment it required a design and build proposal.

  • 16th March 2023

    TSG Awarded Cambridge City Council’s Heating Maintenance works

    TSG are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Cambridge City Council’s heating framework contract covering repairs, maintenance and servicing of domestic and commercial heating systems.

    Works will be delivered to 6,645 properties, including gas fired, Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Assisted Heat Pump Systems. The works were awarded through Eastern Procurement Ltd heating framework and will cover a 4 year period, which commenced in February 2023. 

  • 22nd January 2023

    Frozen Condense Pipes affecting your Heating..! Here is some Advice

    Are you experiencing Frozen Condense Pipes on the outside of your property during this cold snap..!

    Please use the link below to help provide you with some advice to overcome this problem this winter.




  • 22nd January 2023

    What Should My Boiler Pressure Be? Signs Pressure Is Too High/Low.

    Boilers are sensitive to pressure issues — they can lock out when they lose too much pressure, or when the boiler pressure is too high. So, if you’re wondering what should the boiler pressure be, please read the below advice for the the ideal boiler pressure when the appliance is hot, cold, the optimal working pressure, and how to spot a problem.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a Worcester, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi or other brand of boiler — the correct boiler pressure is similar across various brands and models...

    What pressure should my boiler be when it’s cold?
    The normal boiler pressure when the central heating system has cold water should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. Most manufacturers recommend an optimal system pressure of 1.3 bar .

    That said, if you’re asking yourself “What should the boiler pressure be when the heating is off?”, the best thing to do is refer to your boiler manual — the recommendations may differ between manufacturers.

    Should a boiler increase in pressure as it heats up?
    The answer is yes, your boiler pressure increases as the central heating system water heats up. You can monitor this increase by looking at the boiler’s pressure gauge dial, which is usually located on the boiler display panel (or just below the boiler casing on some older boilers, such as Ferrolis).

    What pressure should my boiler be at when it’s hot?
    Generally, it’s completely normal if the boiler bar pressure rises by around 0.3-0.5 bar when the heating is on. So, the ideal boiler pressure should be in the 1.5-1.8 bar range when the water is hot.

    Why does the water pressure gauge increase when the heating is on?
    The pressure on your boiler’s gauge will increase when the heating is on. This surge in operating pressure is caused by water expansion, which occurs naturally as the boiler heats water circulating through the pipes, radiators, and towel rails.

    That said, your boiler pressure rise shouldn’t amount to more than 1 bar during the heating cycle. If your boiler pressure goes up more than 1 bar (or close to 1 bar) during start-up, there’s probably a fault with the expansion vessel or the pressure relief valve.

    What to Do When…
    Boiler Pressure Is Too Low
    If your boiler is losing pressure, it may lock out and you’ll have to reset it. To do so, you’ll have to repressurise, or increase boiler pressure.

    Learning how to repressurise the boiler isn’t hard: simply add water to the system via the external filling loop. This should resolve your low boiler pressure issue — unless there’s a leak in the boiler or the heating system.

    Boiler Pressure Keeps Dropping
    If you’ve repressurised the boiler, but still observe the boiler pressure dropping, it’s a sign of a leak. The low pressure will persist unless you fix the leak first.

    You can figure out why your boiler is losing pressure and leaking here.

    Boiler Pressure Is Too High
    So, your boiler pressure is too high; what do you do now?

    There’s a good chance you’ve recently topped up the pressure a bit too much — and that’s why you have abnormally high boiler pressure.

    If you have, you can reduce boiler pressure by bleeding water from the system via the towel rails as a quick-fix. You’ll need to get a radiator key, a bucket or tub, and some towels. Once you’ve got them, here’s what you do:

    • Insert the bleed key and open the valve slowly until it starts dribbling water
    • Close the bleed valve using the key and check the pressure
    • Repeat until you get to optimal pressure
    • If you drain too much pressure from the system, you can top it up by using the filling loop to add more water to the system

    In the event that the fixes above don’t help restore the ideal boiler pressure, you should get in touch with a Gas Safe engineer and have them inspect your faulty boiler.

  • 1st January 2023

    Customer Service Champions

    This Quarters Customer Service Champions are:

    Office Staff Winners:

    Kelly  -  Daniel  -  Emmanuella 


    Field Staff Winners:

    Duane   -   Moses   -  Tom


    Well done to all our 6 Champions and we look forward to our next Customer Service Performance reviews.

Just to say how grateful we are to the young man, who came out today and was very thorough and helpful. We had no heating, hot water for three weeks, but this young man did a fantastic job and made sure we understood everything. He is an asset to your company.

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